While sitting at Healing Transitions last night, YHC learned of a Q vacancy at UJ and happily stepped up.

Jog around past Wells Fargo, to NH astro-turf.
Good Mornings x10
Burpees OYO x5
Mountain Climbers x20
Standard Merkin x20
Sir Fazio Arm Circles, into OH Claps, then reverse x10, x20, x10
Burpees OYO x5

Recover on the jog to 2nd level Penny’s parking deck; break into 1’s and 2’s.

1’s do AMRAP of exercise, while 2’s bear crawl ~50 yards and sprint back. Repeat x4
-Flutter Kicks
-Homer to Marge
-Flutter Kicks

Partner carry to end of deck and back.

Recover on jog to Lassiter Mill Rd. Since we had 21 minutes remaining, we would run down LM to the Greenway trailhead, doing 5 merkins everytime we crossed a street. The result was 2 miles, and 55 merkins.

Finished with WWII x20, Rosalitas x20, LBC x20.


Welcome to FNG Enus. Strong work today by all levels of PAX. We had a nice mix of #hate and #respect today, with Mayhem leading the pack in his speedy glory. YHC is always humbled to lead such a group of stand-up men. Thank you for the opportunity.