The lucky 7 that joined us today enjoyed welcoming spring with a lacrosse practice (minus sticks and balls…don’t go there).

Warm Up

  • One mile at 10 min pace
  • Some basic stretching
  • 20 Merkins in Cadence

Indian Run

Indian run for 1/2 mile. Mozie over to football practice field.

Star Drill (Defense)

Forgot the cones, but luckily someone left some Gatorade cups. Start at the lacrosse goal crease. Sprint about 15 yards out to the right, goal line extended (GLE), drop and do a burpee, sprint back to crease. Back out to next point. 7 total points. X3 (burpees only on 1st).


Start at end line, jog to 20 yard line, sprint to other 20, jog to end line. Karaoke across end line to other side and repeat 20 to 20 sprint. Karaoke back to start. Ladder up- 30 to 30; 40 to 40; then back down; 40 to 40; 30 to 30; 20 to 20.


Sprint to and from 20, 30, 40 X3. Ended with sprint 100 yards to other end

Full Field Fast Break

Start at goal. Break out GLE running backwards to yard line numbers. Sprint to far 40 yard line. Burpee. Sprint to goal (SCORE!!!!!).

Mozie back to track


6 inches of love- Did following 3 exercises while holding feet at 6 inches b/t:

  • Flutter kicks- 17 in cadence (extra two for poor form)
  • Hello Dollies- 15 in cadence (extra 3 for poor form)
  • Over unders (Flutter kicks alternating feet over and under each)- 15 in cadence

Oblique Crunches- X25 each side

Russian Hammer- X25 in cadence