F3 Raleigh’s Labor Day convergence was an amazing morning! YHC had the pleasure to post up in the parking lot about twenty five minutes prior to the launch period. To watch the line of cars enter the parking lot is truly an amazing experience and everyone should be so proud of how F3 keeps growing male leadership in this community.

On to the work-out…

The Set-up

The plan was to cover some of the best parts of the NC Art Museum and highlight the two work-outs that call this site their AO. The sites are Whiplash and The Judge and are co-site Q’d by Fava Bean and Huxtable, respectively. If you’ve never attended one of their work-outs, do it.

Here was the set:

Circle of Pain – SSH, GM, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Imperial Walker

Line up in three lines. Three line leaders: Huxtable, Fava Bean and Denali.

Run down the path toward the three rings of fire. Single file with group one going first. Go to your stations. Stations are allocated 15 minutes each.

Group #1 – Huxtable – Take your group down to the wind sock near the dojo. Partners run down the hill and then 2 pull-ups on the sculpture. At the top of the hill, do ten partner hand shakers. Keep running up and down the hill with increasing pull-ups (2,4,6,8…etc) until time is called. – Group #1 heads to Group #2 stop.

Group #2 – Fava Bean – Run the lake. Partner tag. Starting at the bend closest to the dojo, each partner does two burpees, two LBCs and two squats. Then, one partner runs around one side and the other partner runs around the other side of the lake. Partners meet in the middle and do four of the exercises (burpees, LBCs and squats). Repeat over and over again increasing by two each meeting. Move to Group #3.

Group #3 – Denali – Start at the bottom of the big hill near the giant leg/buttocks. Partner one runs up the hill and does one burpee (first lap, partner does one burpee/next lap, partner does two burpees…so on and so forth). The partner at the bottom of the hill does 10 of each exercise (Sumo Jump Squats, Hand Release Merkins and Freddy Mercury (double count)).

At the end of your set, mosey back up to the ellipse. Chong Li lead the group in a set of Jack Webbs and we wrapped it up.


Naked Moleskin:

-Welcome to Oatmeal, Kingpin, Silicone and Rodeo. Thanks for joining us!
-Labor Day. Today, each of you decided to wake-up early and work-out with your brothers. You didn’t pick the easy path. You choose to work. As a guide for our lives, God created Adam to work (Genesis 2:15). YHC’s encouragement is to not believe the societal narrative that we are all working for the next vacation or the weekend and be present and satisfied in our current work. We all have a job or we want a job so be grateful for the desire and ability to work. Work each day with a purpose!
– Chong Li did an All-star job with the Jack Webb’s given all of the direction he was receiving from 112 Type A guys. Well done, Chonger!
– YHC almost forgot about the name-a-rama. Oops. First time on the convergence Q, I’ll do better the next time. #personalgrowth


-9/11 Stair climb – Gate 4 at Carter Finley Stadium at 5:30. See you there.

Fazio graciously took us out!

Honor to spend the morning with such an amazing group! Thanks for the opportunity to lead!