Two pax, Cracker Jack sick and Asystole pulling husband duties. No FNGs so we are off.

Jog to Kingswood Elementary with stop on the way for warm-up of SSH, good morning’s, mountain climbers, various leg stretches, merkins. Squat pulses at the stop light.

At King of THE HILL, set of 11’s; dying cockroaches at the bottom and merkins at the top.
Mosey back to the start for Mary: Hammers, LBC’s, Freddy Merc’s
Announcements: Neighbor to Neighbor Thursday night.
Prayers for Spurrier undergoing outpatient surgery and other silent prayers.
YHC Banjo took us out.
just under 3 miles covered.

Khakis did his best to look good.
Cadence count goes out the window when there are only two pax. Everything is OYO till YHC is done.
Two for @BondBrosBrewery, YHC and MaBell.
luckily he did not need ride home after washing the bad taste from his mouth following his early vote. Who wouldn’t be in the same position faced with Chillery and Dump.