YHC hit all the red lights on the way to DP this morning. Pulled up at 5:44:50… which left little time for greetings. No new faces… wait… one new face. Not an FNG but a newlywed who just moved down from Durham. Welcome 10-40. Just in case, i made sure he knew the disclaimer… “I/we are not responsible.” PAX of 9 were off.


Run up and down through the parking lot.

Circle up for a little warm-up: GM x 15, Mtn climber x 20, IW x 15, SSH x 20…. let’s move.

The Thang

Mosey to the entrance of the park

Burpees x 10 OYO

Mosey down to Glen Eden

Burpees x 10 OYO

Mosey down to the entrance of the Greenway

Run back up Glen Eden to the top. Burpees x 10 half-way, at the top, half-way back down and then at the start. 40 in total.

Freddy Mercury x 25

Mosey up the Greenway back into the park stopping at the straight away next to the soccer field.

Lunge walk the straight away; reverse lunge walk back stopping on my down for deep lunges x 5

bear crawl the straight away; reverse bear crawl back

Plank walk the straight away

Mosey to the picnic tables

Single right leg step up x 20, single left leg step up x 20, pistol squat left leg x 15, piston squat right leg x 15, dips x 15, irkins x 15, dirkins x 15, plank peter parkers x 15

Mosey to the circle of death (seems like a good name)

Burpee buster – 5 burpees types x 6 reps each

burpee – high knee burpee – half burpee – double merkin burpee – prison cell merkin burpee

Mosey to the basketball court


Heels to heaven, LBC, homer to marge, 6″ leg hold 10 count around the horn… done.

Announcements – Haven house 12/15, Christmas party 12/19

Prayer requestBeaver will be moving his dad to Raleigh next week, Spin Class 2.0 born last night, Hearing about lots of turned ankes – Woody had a good one last week (Encroachment said he now has an excuse for his kankles)

Beaver took us out.

Great to be back at DP. Love the new park.

Always a pleasure