After benefiting from the Shaggy Challenge the past few weeks Cletus was back to just the locals today.  YHC was inspired, almost to the point of vomiting, on Thursday by Epoxy’s workout so I borrowed some elements so I could share that joyous feeling with my friends.

The Thang:

Brief jog up to baseball fields for warmup (20 Side Straddle Hop, 20 Good Mornings, 20 T.I. Jump-Knees from Chapel Hill F3,20 Imperial Walkers, 15 Merkins)

11’s consisting of Burpees and Merkins with runs between 1st base and outfield fence

Partner up for partner carry from 1st base to outfield fence, Flap Jack

Wheel barrow walk from 1st base to outfield fend, Flap Jack

Jog over to tennis courts for bear crawl across two courts and back, basketball shuffle slide across and back, sprint across and back

Mary- 25 LBC, 20 Freddie Mercurys, 20 Homer to Marge, 20 Ukrainian Nationalists Hammers

Prayers for Yosef’s friend for a successful and safe career as he just became a Sheriff’s deputy.  New Mexico closed us out with a nice prayer.  Howard’s jeep had a little trouble on the ride home so he doubled down with another mile and half jog home