Lucky 13 for the main event and 1 for post-run. Bringing partner racing to #thejudge this week. Deeply wanted to go old school judge style and provide constant movement with lots of suck factor. Here is what we did:


Jog to the pork chop. Super fast warm-up and partner up. Speed matters this time. Run the blue loop (around dojo) and continue up to the amphitheater. 10 Burpees/20 Jump Overs (1 partner chill-cut holds while other partner jumps over)/10 Spider Merks.


Run back down the blue loop; pass the dojo, left at the flag, down the gravel hill into the woods, and run the gravel path until you hit the pavement at the base of the 440-bridge hill. 10 Burpees/20 Jump Overs/10 Spider Merks.


Run up the hill, across the 440 bridge all the way to the other side, and back down to the bottom of the hill. 10 Burpees/20 Jump Overs/10 Spider Merks.


Partner chase all the way up reed creek trail, and halt when you get to the ellipse. 7 sumo squat jumps when you get tagged out. 10 Burpees/20 Jump Overs/10 Spider Merks when you get to the ellipse.


Run circles around the ellipse and alternate between 15 derkins and 15 WW2s after each revolution. Continue until time is called.



-20 LBCs IC




-Mule, Ruck….yada yada yada

-BRR info meeting coming soon.

-3.5 miles covered according to my GPS(4 miles according to Au Pair, which seems odd because i think he did a short cut on one of the legs…) Fast group today with team Kool-Aid/Denali leading the charge and earning the VT. Team Luxtable always moving fast and made a strong push for the VT. T&G seems like he is back to his old self getting faster by the day. Au Pair was unanimously awarded with the most outstanding performer. I don’t disagree. Well earned. Mrs Big, thanks for taking us out in prayer. Felt great to be out there this morning with the weather, beautiful AO, rolling hills, and competition. See you next time.