27 PAX for a planned Circle of Pain.  Warmups:

  • 30 SSH
  • 15 Imperial Walkers
  • 20 back and forth Sir Fazia, Humpty Dumpty, Less Fillling-Taste Great, Conjunction Junction..what’s your Function, How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?….one, two—crunch, three….three, I got to get up  make the donuts, Arm Circles
  • 15 Windmills

Mozey to the Covered Parking Deck for the DECK OF PAIN.  10 Stations divided into 27 equals 10 groups of 2—7 groups of 3???? this is where Hope Solo jams up YHC and caused a mind vapor lock…that tooks 2 minutes to figure out.   OK, once we figured it out, below is how the D.O.P. played out:

10 stations.     We will perform each exercise the entire time it takes running group to run an entire loop with Box Jump’s Fun Bags…(NOTE…YHC is still trying to find out how these bags from hell got named Fun Bags),      THEN:  Rotate counter-clockwise.    Rinse and repeat  until time is up

  1. Spider merkins
  2. American Hammer
  3. Star jump Burpees
  4. Carolina Dry Docks
  5. Plank jacks
  6. 4-Merkin Count Burpees
  7. Fun Bag Military Presses
  8. Flutter kicks
  9. Imperial Squat Walkers
  10. TIMER….Group Runs entire circle carrying Fun Bags

 6:25 and time to mozey back to starting parking lot…and we are done

Announcements:   2 Convergences Monday.   5:30 (EC) 5:45 Start at Zero Hour led by Yoda.   7am-8AM Carroll/Catalyst led by Cotton.   Yoda encouraged the PAX to double down….I remember him giving a HC to do so.   Steroid put it out that June 3 Ambassador will have as part of it meeting at Neighbor to Neighbor for some PAX help there.

Prayers:  Jet Ski..one of our Arena Healing Transition Brothers has fallen down in his recovery….Please Pray for him.  Sorry I think I missed a few others.

Geddy read the following devotion…think this will speak to many of us…take time to read it.

Gaylord took us out Solid in Prayer.

The donkey said to Balaam, “Am I not your own donkey, which you have always ridden, to this day?” – Numbers 22:30

Most workplace believers I know tend to be task – oriented, motivated visionaries. And they will do just about anything to make their projects successful. This great strength can, if not properly bridled by the Holy Spirit, be a great weakness in their ability to fulfill God’s will in their life.

Sometimes we want something to succeed so much that we fail to listen to that little voice inside trying to warn us by directing us on a different path. Such was the case of Balaam. He started out as a man of God, but then took the path of a “prophet-for-hire.” God was not pleased with Balaam’s decision to respond to a pagan king’s request that he curse Israel. As Balaam rode his donkey to keep his appointment with the king, God sent the angel of the Lord to stand in the way and oppose Balaam. Although Balaam did not see the angel, his donkey did. Three times the donkey turned from the path and three times Balaam beat the animal in anger. Finally, the donkey turned around, and to Balaam’s shock and amazement, began to speak to him, admonishing his master for beating him. Imagine a donkey talking to you! He warned Balaam of the angel of death who was standing in the road with a sword drawn, ready to kill Balaam if he continued.

There are times when pushing harder, trying to manipulate the circumstance, or pressing those around you is not the response to have to the roadblock. God may be trying to have you reconsider your ways. God may be doing one of four things when you are faced with an obstacle: 1) He’s blocking it to protect you. 2) His timing to complete this stage is not the same as yours, and He may need you to go through a process of character refinement. 3) He may want other players to get in place, and the circumstances are not yet ready for them to enter. 4) He may be using the process to develop patience in you. Relying on the Holy Spirit to know which one applies to your situation is the key to moving in God’s timing.