It was a great morning, 7am at the Thin Blue Line. The reason it was so great was all the new faces. I think the Resurgence was successful. Out of the 12 PAX who posted, 10 of them have started within the past 2 weeks and 5 were FNGs. Aye!

Weurffl took the first half of the workout while Floyd finished it off. In the end, most of the PAX were sufficiently fatigued, although to the credit of the PAX, we weren’t able to get anyone to spill the Merlot.

Warm Up:
Circle up
SSH x 20
LBAC x 10
Good Mornings x 15
Willie Mays Hayes x 10
Merkins x 10
Mountain Climbers x 10

The Thang

Jacob’s Ladder: This was held on a brutally long 100yd hill. Run 100 yards, do Merkins at the top, run back and do air squats at the bottom. Plank at the end until everyone is done.

20 Merkins/5 air squats
15 Merkins/10 squats
10 Merkins/15 squats
5 Merkins/20 squats

Run 1/4 mile to the playground. 10 pull-ups each. Run 1/4 mile back to the turf field

Usain Bolt with tennis ball: One PAX calls out an exercise, another throws a tennis ball for the first PAX to fetch. Everyone exercises until the fetcher returns. On average, I would estimate most tennis ball throws went 50 yards.
There were 12 sets of exercises which to my recollection included but not limited to: Merkins, Carolina Dry Docks, Air Squats, SSH twice, Lunges, V-ups, mountain climbers, Peter Parkers, LBCs, 6 inch leg raises, Imperial Walkers, and one other.

The Beast: Spread out over 50 yards. 6 stations 6 reps at each station, 6 different sets. Total distance each set 100 yards and 36 reps.
Set 1: Sprint with Merkins
Set 2: Walking Lunge with Carolina Dry Docks
Set 3: Frog jumps with quad hoppers
Set 4: High knee run with Mountain Climbers
Set 5: Backwards run with WWII sit ups
Set 6: Sprint with Burpees

Long Slow Flutters
Hello Dollies
Freddy Mercuries
Low, Regular High Plank

COT: Weurffl was nice and inspirational

Tclaps to the strong showing of new blood in Durham. Let’s keep the momentum going and keep recruiting.
Darkside and his son Nacho were referred to us by his wife who randomly found us on the internet. Strong work guys. Keep it up, it only gets easier and better.
It wasn’t the same without Rodeo’s dog eating my cones.
Can’t wait to get some of our regulars back. I can see us regularly hitting 20 PAX.
Good time at Panera afterwards.

FNG names and meanings:
Sawyer- Because his name is Jim Huckabee. Jim and Huck were characters in Tom Saywer.
Witch- First name is Blair
Darkside- was wearing a Pink Floyd shirt….and well Floyd is already taken.
Bernie- He is a financial advisor.
Nacho Libre- Haha. My favorite. He is a wrestling coach.