Tahoe is a staple of mine so embarrassed that this was my first time Q’ing one of my favorite sites. Of course, I rolled in at 5:29 with a minute to spare, got crap about it from Wendell Gee expectedly about almost being late, and we were off.

 14 for the workout today and all of them fast F3 veterans. Nowhere to  hide with this group. No FNGs and no disclaimer needed as no one’s first rodeo.

 “Warm up” pace run/ first mile from Starbucks down to Root School parking lot.  Good Mornings x15. 20 Merkins. 25 WW2 sit ups.

 Run up Lassiter Mill Hill from St. David’s to the corner of Anderson and Glenwood. 25 Merkins and 30 WW2 sit-ups.

 Indian run in 2 groups of 5 and one group of 4 from top of Anderson to entrance of Greenway just past Our Lady of Lourdes. 30 merkins and 35 WW2 sit-ups.

 Run the greenway back to Lassiter Mill at the base of the hill. 40 WW2 sit-ups.

 Run back up that beast of a mile hill back up to Starbucks.


No surprises. 30 merkins. 46 WW2 sit-ups. (46 in honor of War Daddy Wendell Gee.)


  • Haven House Cornhole Tourney. May 21st
  • Raleigh RunDown Downhill Mile race on June 16th

 No prayer requests from the group but good to have YoYo back out running again. Denali took us out in his usual thoughtful and inspiring way.

 Total stats included 5.6 miles and 2 solid hills that were climbed as 2 miles of that distance. 105 Merkins and 176 WW2s. Thought I was running pretty decent this morning but quickly Post Fontaine followed closely by Pepe and KoolAid and Sunshine, Denali, MaGruber  etc just hammered up that first hill up to Anderson/Glenwood like it was child’s play. Always good to be humbled among a group of runners like the ones assembled this morning at Tahoe. My cadence may have been off a bit here and there and I may have confused a couple of the street names, but luckily the group didn’t allow me any forgiveness nor would I have expected any. Wendell Gee was entertaining as always but my favorite quote of the morning came from E*Trade:

 Soul Glo – “E*Trade- you’re really running well ….and fast”

E*Trade – “It comes and it goes. But I’m tired and feeling it. I’m hurting right now. Soul Glo, how old are u?”

Soul Glo – “46.”

E*trade – “ Yeah, you’ve developed that mental toughness. It’s probably because you feel that way all the time.”

Worst part of E*Trade’s comment is how spot on it is. It’s good to be 20-something years old E*Trade!

All really good runners this morning and just great guys in general. Beautiful running weather. We are blessed!

Soul Glo out.