9 PAX on a perfect not-too-cold morning for a jog.  All were briefly disclaimed and off we went.  Took a right on Centennial (Munson discusses Rasheed Suliamon and the possibility that Dook has an “NC State-like” 4-4 record at the end of the weekend—his words, not mine) then followed some other streets, past some semi-scary looking houses (TARP was especially spooked) and a nice view of downtown before finding ourselves beside glorious Pullen Park on Western Blvd.  Up Western until we hit Avent Ferry, mosey back to Centennial, ultimately returning past where we started.  Not sure of distance, around 3.5 miles in approximately 30 minutes.  YHC was breathing hard most of the way, and was disheartened to hear folks just behind me talking as if on a Sunday walk.

Brief plank at top of the oval.  Run the oval as fast (to use the term loosely with YHC) as possible. Upon completion, plank to 10x merkin to LBCs.  Run the oval again, this time the entire oval (T Sq. led the PAX thru the mini oval the first time).  Plank to 10x merkin to slow flutters.  Jog back to cars, with fire drill the last 100 yards or so.

Mr. Hand claimed that is was only 6:23 when we got back to the cars, much to YHC’s chagrin.  We did some Mary with another short sprint and backwards jog to fill the time.  Mr. Hand’s watch reports 4.1 miles total.

COT.  Hope all have a great weekend.  Truly a pleasure to hang out with you men this morning.