Follow me. Two words every Q says to the PAX as they set off into the gloom. Have you ever wondered – Who is this guy? Why am i following him into the dark? Where are we going? More on this later… PAX of 8 highly fit veterans showed up at Juggernaut this morning. No FNGs. Disclaimer given any way. Follow me

Short run to the greenbelt trail. Indian run to the entrance of Baileywick Park. Quick stop for 10 Burpees OYO at the top… then a fast mosey down to the rock pile.


Sir Fazio Arm circles x 20 each forward & backward

GM x 15

Mountain Climbers x 15

The Thang

Grab a rock for set 1….don’t worry about size as you won’t be with the rock long

Merkins x 20

American Hammer w/rock x 15, LBC w/rock x 15, Boat / Canoe w/rock, x 15

run up/down the hill with rock

Switch rocks for set 2

Merkins x 20

Curls x 15, Overhead press x 15, Tri extensions x 15

run up/down the hill with rock

Switch rocks for set 3

Merkins x 20

Squat x 15, Lunge & reach x 10 L and R each, Bent over row x 10

Repeato… fast pace x 10 reps each exercise.

Follow me… quick mosey to the parking lot.

No man left behind (Inspired by Box Jump at Lourdes on Tuesday…. more on this later)

Run lot 1 – Burpees (only single count) x 15 OYO

Run lot 2 – Burpees x 15 OYO

Run lot 3 – Burpees x 15 OYO

When done, find the last man doing the set and finish with them (more burpees). We all finish together… no man left behind.

Follow me… quick mosey to picnic tables

Dips x 12, Irkins x 12… repeato

Follow me… quick mosey to parking lot for Mary

Ski Abs x 10


Plank 10 count, Plank Peter Parker 10 count

Chilcutt 10 count, Chilcutt Peter Parker 10 count

Low plank hold 10 count, low plank hold Peter Parker 10 count… collapse. STRONG work!

Pretzel crunch x 10 R, x 10 L


Announcements – Les Nessman gave us an update on the Townhall meeting and use in the parks. Krispy Kreme challenge coming up, Cut Me Mick leading next F3 Connect – moving to Players Retreat – Sign up or contact Les Nessman, Mud Run, Second Empire Run April 26, come celebrate 1 year anniversary of the Crick next Wednesday, Go Ruck leader is Kayne… see him for more details.

Prayers – Youth Pastor at Les Nessman’s church is going through difficult family time. Please keep him and his wife in your prayers. Pray for strength and peace during this difficult time.

Beaver took us out with grace as always.

Follow me – I was reminded of the significance of these words a few weeks ago. These were the exact words that Jesus spoke to Simon and Andrew at the Sea of Galilee (Matthew 4:18-19). It reminded me of their faith, strength and trust as they set off to follow Jesus. It’s been a great reminder for me each morning as we run off into the gloom. Also, find an FNG and be a fisher of men.

No man left behind – at Lourdes on Tuesday, we were in the midst of finishing up Burpee 100s with partner (thanks Blue Crush). One group was behind and Box Jump called for all PAX to join the two as they finish their last 10. All PAX pounded out 10 more. GREAT leadership, Box Jump! Its cold, its wet and this is tough stuff. Some are fast, some are slow. Regardless, we need each other. We need the encouragement. We can’t do it alone. No man left behind.

Honor and a privilege to lead.

Done and done.