18 Pax gathered in the gloom and rising humidity of Shelly Lake for another edition of Raleigh’s most manliest workout, True Grit. This is a blue collar workout. Lots of pain and few frills. No one is a VIP here. Guys post at this AO because the workouts are challenging. Qs know the expectations and always seek to deliver. Plus, there’s a big dam hill over there somewhere. And you never know when you might have to visit it. But for the guys who posted today, YHC had another plan in mind. And standing still was not part of it.

Fast pace run to upper parking lot (nothing better to silence the crowd)

Warm Up
Diamond Merkins  x5
Plank Jacks  x10
Iron Cross (on back, leg2arm)  x10
Scorpion (on stomach, leg2arm)  x10
SSH  x10

Four Corner 10s
10s w/ Burpees and Star Jumps (w/ squat)
1st corner: 1 Burpee and 9 Star Jumps
Sprint to next corner, 2/8, next 3/7, etc
Return to center and plank till all return

Carolina Dry Docks  x15
Dying Cockroaches  x15
Mountain Climbers  x15

Fast pace down to the bridge, partner up

Bridge Work
Wheelbarrow across bridge, switch halfway, Squat Hold
Wheelbarrow back across, switch halfway, Squat Hold

Partner 1 – Sprint back across bridge, 5 Burpees, return, flapjack
Partner 2 – LBCs x10, Hammers x10, repeat until partner 1 returns – Chillcut
Round 2:  5 Burpees w/ WWIIs & Merkins – Chillcut
Round 3:  5 Burpees w/ LBCs & Hammers again – Chillcut

Fast pace run to dam and over and around to pull-up bars
Bear Crawls and Lunge Walk along the way

Mary w/ a side of Pull-ups
Partners call an AMRAP exercise for Pax, while doing 10 pull-ups each
Called exercises included:  Merkins, Hammers, Flutter Kicks, Freddie Mercuries F/R, LBCs, Chillcut Peter Parkers, SSH, and 2 others.

Strong work by everyone right down to the very end. Thanks for helping kickoff my 45th birthday. Wouldn’t have started it any other way. Relatively quiet group even with Macgruber in attendance. Maybe it was the heat. Maybe it was the lack of recovery. Maybe it was just work ethic. Still a great time and a solid group.

Memorial Day Convergence – May 25th at Carroll Middle School. 0630 Launch. No North Hills, Eastbound & Down, Crucible, A-Team or Kickstarter workouts. Zero Hour is still on, also at 0630.

Prayers for Blue Crush’s friend’s 2.0

Macgruber led us out. Thank you sir.

It’s never finished..
AYG back to the parking lot.

An honor and a pleasure,