18 PAX descended on John Chavis Memorial Park for the inaugural installment of “a workout to be named later.”  After repeatedly and concretely demonstrating a lack of preparedness for the festivities “anybody got a watch I can borrow…wait, you don’t have one either?” we were off..

The Thang:

Warm up run around the historic Allan Herschell Carousel.  Built circa 1923, this beauty was purchased in 1937 for $4,000.  Fans of the Balsa Gliders (a regionally-known indie rock group, and the official band of F3Nation) won’t be surprised to learn that our very own Q-Tip was eyeballin’ the Wurlitzer 146A.  Jacob Dylan was nowhere to be found.  Somewhere in the cozy confines of Myers Park, Sweeper silently shed a tear.

Circle up down below in the grass/cement circle:

Wendell Gee kicks off the festivities with an homage to our ailing Nantan with some King David Kicks (15x), followed by windmills (sort of) (15x), prisoner squats (15x), and SSH (20x).  Opening act closed, on to the big show…

“7”s with ‘Mericans and ski-abs.  You’d think a guy in a band could keep time.  He can’t.  The back half of this exercise was “8”s for those keeping score at home.  Nether Allan Herschell nor Allan Marshall were impressed.  We moved on…

Pair up, and as a team, complete:

10 pull-ups – 20 Star Jumps – 100M sprint– 30 ‘Mericans

20 – 30 – 40

30 – 40 – 50

50 – 60 – 70

Mosey to track/football field, baton handed to White Shoe (figuratively, there was no baton, and even if there had been a baton, there’s no way YHC could have caught up with Wendell to retrieve it):

Partner 1: 400M

Partner 2: SSH AMRAP

The Beast:

  • ‘Mercans
  • Monkey Humpers (T-Claps to Friar Tuck for the demonstration.  #paystobeawinner
  • Burpees
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Prisoner Squats
  • Diamond Mericans

The Beast was peppered with some friendly(ish) banter between Vila and Wendell about their respective performances/efforts on the 400M sprints.  Easy fix for this one.  PAX squat hold while Vila and Wendell settle things the old-fashioned way.  Our resident Friar was there to call the photo(?) finish.  Vila by 2 strides.  Considering Wendell’s giving up 16 years, that’s not too shabby (for Wendell, not Vila, who should hang his head in shame and train relentlessly for his next shot at glory).

Mosey to the tennis courts for 7 minutes of Mary:

  • WWII sit ups
  • Flutter Kicks
  • LBCs
  • Freddie Mercurys



  • Thanks to those who took a flyer on a new workout in a new location.  Chavis Park presents a world of opportunities.
  • FNG Cross-Stitch alerted the PAX to a 7 on 7 charity flag football tournament on April 18.  Zima and Mac Gruber are your Q’s. 10 man teams–$15 per man.  Proceeds buy gear and help support youth football.   #getinvolved
  • We prayed for many things, including the new site, medical recoveries, those struggling with challenges, and for Cindy to complete the GORUCK Heavy (he did).
  • Coffeteria was held at Chalmun’s Cantina in Mos Eisley a/k/a McDowell’s a/k/a the golden arches on South Street.  Those in attendance included: (1) the PAX; (2) some guys from the area; (3) fully-costumed participants in the Comic-Con festival; and (4) green-clad revelers looking for a snack after the first sixer of the day…at 8:30 in the AM.  It all held together until MacGruber tried to “pay with ‘lovin.”  Then we left.