17 PAX joined YHC in the Carroll parking lot, dressed to the nine’s, in 26 degree weather for the last January installment of Catalyst.

Our FNG presented himself (now known as Paper Cut), the disclaimer was given, and we went directly into burpees.


Burpees x15 OYO
Brisk mosey down Six Forks towards the First Citizens “Missle Silo.”
SSH x20
Standard Merkin x15
Grass Mat x15 burpees
Slow stretching windmill x15

The Thang:

Partner up, size will matter.

First Citizens Loop:
P1- runs the concrete loop around FCB building and up the stairs, towards Six Forks, tags lightpost and returns other direction.
P2- AMRAP of an exercise.

Jump Squats, Irkins, Plankorama

Mosey past the Urban Jungle launch site to the middle JCPenny parking deck.

“Crazy 8’s”
(This took some explaining)
P1 will carry P2 to each I-beam.
P1 will do a specified exercise (x8) while P2 does 8 pull-ups on I-beam.
Partners will run back to starting line together and repeat, at the 2nd I-beam.

Each partner does 64 merkins and 64 pull-ups and carries the other partner 8 times (~200 yards)

Mid-morning Mary
Homer to Marge x20
Flutter Kicks x20
Box Cutters x20

Indian Run down Pamlico, to Rowan, and back to the brick wall outside the cafeteria.

BTW x5 count each PAX
People’s Chair with heavy rock pass, down and back 5 times.
6″ lower PC, rock pass down and back three times

LBC’s x35
Russian Hammers x30


There were many prayer requests this morning. For all those spoken and unspoken, we lift them up.

As always, it is an honor to lead the men of F3 through our wonderful city. After nearly a year of early morning endeavors through the gloom with the support of these men, I’ve internalized and truly understood what it means to say iron sharpens iron.

Welcome Paper Cut. Strong work at a first post that totaled 2.56 miles and started with 30 burpees… Looking forward to seeing you in the gloom this week.