8 PAX showed up on a chilly Thursday morning but the Q pulled a UA (for a quarter hour).  No matter…with the help of the group we pulled together quite a good workout and everybody got their sweat on.

Warm up lap around the park

SSH X 30
Good Mornings x 15
Imperial Walkers x 15
Windmill x 15

2 minute rotation through the following stations (max reps)

-Balls to the wall and People’s Chair
-Dips and Jump ups
-Hill sprint and Merkins
-Kettle ball – Dealers choice

Sprint lap around the park

2 minute rotation through the following stations (max reps)

-Hill sprint and Jump ups
-Pull ups and burpies
-Farmers carry with kettle bells and low plank hold
-Squats and lunges

Run down to the basketball court for Mary

Peter Parkers x 20
10 count Putin to 5 merkin to 10 count Sarkozie x 3
LBC’s x 20


There was a multistaged operation planned for 0530 on Thursday morning.  Involved a pre-GoRuck White Shoe and Money Hose shepherding a giant single-purpose wheel barrow to Roanoke Park on foot in time for Heavy Metal.  Howard would simultaneously drive the Padre Wagon in with trailer from the Quay.  Only part of that happened.  You won’t be surprised that the Epic Howard trekked his usual and customary 30 miles without question and with the utmost devotion to duty.  Yours truly fartsacked until Ball Bearings Time.  We got the Prowler after the workout. I showed up 15 minutes late without socks on.  It was an F3 Evacuation at my house.  F3 Brothers who know the Bug Out feeling know the feeling is not a nice feeling.

Meanwhile, back at the Park, the Merry Band that is Heavy Metal grew closer by forming up an improvised Group Q to ensure that the show went on.  I hit the ground at 0620 and everything worked like clockwork.  In the words of Hanibal, I love it when a plan comes together.

Tune in next week for a Big Show.  May even warrant a Pre-Blast.  I will be redeemed. Good luck to the GoRuckers.  They are underway as I post.


Money Hose