I just touched your butt cheek. Yes, those words were uttered during the workout, stay tuned.

A PAX of 18 shook off the cold and temptation to fartsack to rise and attack the last day of 2014.

The Thang

Jog through the beauty that is North Hills shopping around the Christmas tree to the North State Bank parking lot. Circle up for:
-good morning x15, Imperial walker x15, Windmill x 15, Ski Abs x20, merkins x10.

Job to Six Forks road and Prisoner Squats till light changes, frogger across to Harris Tetter garage for:

Plank walk on hand railing down one level stop for merkins x 15 as a group. Down to bottom of stairs for Bunnys and Bears:
Hop up each stair, bear-crawl down x 4.

Plankorama while PAX finishes.

Grab a partner for stair-barrow up and stair-barrow down, flap jack. Plankorama while PAX finishes.

Run back up stairs past the Injured Reserve PAX to Chuey’s grass.

Find a spot on wall for quick feet x20, derkins x15. Grab partner, partner 1 chillcut while partner 2 jumps over legs x10. flapjack. Round 2 chillcut while partner 2 does jump over legs with burpee on other side x8, flagjack.

This is where YHC’s partner slipped while jumping, straddled my legs and landed with his hand on my buttocks. Both of us shocked he could only say “I just touched your buttcheek.”

Back to the wall for quick feet x20, derkins x15.

Head to side of grass for Duff’s inchworm:

Partner 1 amrap merkins while 2 bear-crawls to middle of grass and does amrap merkins while partner 1 catches up to him, repeato ,proceed to other side.

Job to World of Beer stairs, climb to top stopping on each floor for 5 burpees. YHC lost count of the number of floors.

Plankorma at top. Back down.

Circle up in front of World of Beer for a New Years Eve toast. drunkin crab dance x15 (low country crab) and crab roll x 10. YHC did not know that he low country was introduced the day before by Captain Kangaroo?

Jog back to start for Mary;
Dying cockroach x 20
LBC x25
Leg hold for 5 count around.

Call it a year.

Prayer requests that I can remember:

Mayhem’s friend William Allan being deployed.
Hush Puppy and Batali’s family members battling cancer
Cotton’s cousin
others YHC can’t remeber.

YHC encouraged the PAX to identify a few men would benefit from F3 and provide an EH to get them out in 2015, then lead us out in prayer to finish 2014 strong and start 2015 right.


-Pretty cool that during workout we come across the Injured Reserve group being led by King David and the Blitz group at Coffeteria. F3 Raleigh is everywhere and growing strong.