Great F3 start to 2015.  Thanks to all who made it out and I hope all injuries and illnesses subside for others.

Back blast:
Warm up jog around track
Side shuffle hop x 50
Wind mill x 20
Sir Fazio arm circle x 10 with reverse
Burpies x 10
Good mornings x 20

The thang:
Indian run  around track and head to park
Pull ups x 50
Merkin x 100
Squats x 200

Indian run around track and head to shelter
Left / right step ups (4 sets to 10)
Dips x (4 sets to 20)

Chill cut (1 min)
Freddie Mercury (2 sets to 40)
LBC (2 sets to 40)
6 inch leg hold (1 min)
Chill cut (1 min)

I think that covers the gloom.

Prayer request for Darbys friend suffering from PTSD and having a rough start to 2015.
Prayer request from Tardy who has relatives being deployed very soon.  A prayer requests went out to all soldiers who stand the line and give us the opportunity to seek and carry out Gods will at home.