The fires of the Forge were stoked by the energy of the PAX.  A light drizzle couldn’t dampen the spirits of those gathered for their daily dose of pain.   The hour had come, but a confused Q waved for the inhabitants of a black pickup that looked a great deal like Wonk’s standard transport, at least to YHC who was not wearing his glasses.  YHC was informed that it was not Wonk sitting in the car, but a tomato who we are sure became very nervous at the gesturing trying to get her to attend the workout.  Finally straightened out that the those in the truck were not a part of the PAX, we wandered off into the rain.

Run the parking lot & to stone circle for Side shuffle hop x 15; Imperial walkers x 15; Mountain climbers x 15; and Sir Fazio arm circles x 10

A quick saunter to the South steps for Quick feet x 10 and Mini jump ups x 10 and do that three times

The group then meandered to the tennis courts to find Door to Door, running solo suicides. We invited him to join us for 2 Court bear crawls followed by plank jacks x 10; 2 Court crab walk followed by plank slalom x 10; and 2 court Bunny hops and finishing it off with Carolina dry docks x 10

From there we ran past the tomato garden, which had moved under the cover of the enclosed pavilion, to lower pool parking lot for a little Plank-o-rama: High plank x 10; Putin x 5; Sarkozy x 5; Low x 5; High x 10; and Bird dog x 5 each side

A trip to the Concession stand left us disappointed because the Slurpees and cotton candy were not yet for sale.  So we staged a mini sit in: Three rounds of People’s chair x 20 followed by Burpees x 2, 1, 0

Our efforts to protest the lack of sugary treats fell on deaf ears, so we left hungry and thirsty.  We found comfort and solace at the fountainless pool with mixed merkins x 10 (decline, regular, incline) separated by left/right step ups x 10

Feeling a bit more cheered we headed to the playground for our time with Mary.  It was filled with Rosa-dollys x 12; Lbcs x 12; Homer to marge x 12; Russian hammers x 10; capped off with a low flutter kick x 10

It was time to for our COT, but we tested out Wall mountain climbers on the pillars of the entrance pavilion.  Wet, slick shoes and insufficient vertical space made them a challenge; perhaps we will revisit them another time.


Naked Moleskin

Prayers are requested for Nard Dogg whose daughter just turned 13.  It’s not easy being the dad of teen aged daughter.

New workouts are going more are starting. More are in the works.  Know someone from the Fuquay/Holly Springs area?  We are currently trying to get a workout started there.  EH them and meet them at the workout. Contact Howard for more info.