6 PAX planted the VSF on this mild January morning and proceeded to the downPAINment.

Windmills x 10
SSH x 20
180 degree squat jumps (jump, turn 180 in the air, then back)
Merkins x 10

Noah’s Ark:
Run the long straights of the parking deck, featured exercise on the short straights.
Going down:
Bear crawl x 2
Duck walk x 2
Crab walk

Going up:
Inchworm pushups (start standing, walk out on hands to pushup, walk up with feet)
Alligator walk
Frog jumps
Traveling burpees

Pullup rotation:
One man on pullups x 10, one man assists, the rest alternate between jump lunges and slo-mo merkins

Long slow flutter x 10
Skydivers x 10 count around the circle
Rosalitas x 10
Dollies x 10
Russian hammers x 10

– The burpee may not be an animal, and the traveling burpee definitely isn’t, but it is a beast and so I think it qualifies for inclusion in the Ark.
– The short straights of the parking deck are long…
– Tclaps to Seinfeld for pushing through a near merlot spillage.  I for one was rooting for a spillage over the side of the deck, and I’m pretty sure I heard Flying J wishing out loud for one too.
– Tclaps to Doogie for coming out in his scrubs.  Straight from saving lives (or ears) to posting, that’s what I’m talking about.

This Saturday, Floyd and Dream Catcher take the helm…highly anticipated, that’s all I can say.