Better late than never I always say, usually as I’m wheeling into the parking lot late to the AO.  This day was an exception, I think I was almost four minutes early.  As it was several weeks ago that I laid this beat down on a pax of 25, I use the saying this time to reference the tardiness of the BB. The high points I remember and I’ll try to cover the rest to the best I can recall.  After what seemed like an immense amount of time to linger and fellowship prior to the workout, YHC made a weak at best disclaimer and told men to follow at their own risk.

The Thang:

With no Weinke or plan at all for the day, we began with a fellowship jog to get the blood flowing.  I think this is the point where Orwell began to complain.  Though as a seasoned Q usually does, YHC made a snide comment referencing his manhood that was likely met with even more disdain. After a jaunt around the carousel back past the stage and back around for a little Robert Plant, YHC circled the pax up at the stone circle for some warm-ups.

After the usual SSH’s, GM’s, Sir Nigel Ophelia Gertrude Buttercup Arm Circles,  and who knows what else because it was sooo long ago, YHC called for the pax to grab a partner.  We would use the stone circle for a home base for the rest of the work, and here is how it went.

Nothing too complicated one partner stays and works while the other runs.  We started with a trip up to the gazebo and back, again with the time from post to BB YHC does not remember the work exactly, though I’m sure it was much of the usual.  From there we made a loop around the oval in the playground area, but it was the next one that really began to dig in Orwell’s craw.  Next YHC called a full lap around the lake, YHC heard his friend began to chirp about the amount of running. And once YHC was on the far side of the lake he could see Orwell shuffling back towards the starting point with out making it around.  When questioned Oswald Orwell played his usual ignore and defer tactic, YHC would have to find a better way to assure the work was completed.  Upon the next call when the deviant left early for the run and wouldn’t return, YHC had to stop the pax and call burpee’s till he returned, his pace picked up when he saw his brothers working for him.  After another loop around the playground and to the gazebo and back YHC called a partner run around the lake stopping at GPI for a round of pull-ups, assuring that all would make the full loop this time.  After one more trip to the gazebo and through the playground, the pax circled the lake in a Merkin chase format, this too allowed my brother to make the full loop.

Once back to the stone circle we finished up with a little Mary.


I’m sure many good things to announce and pray for, but back to the elapsed time between post and BB, they will be left unsaid today. Name-o-rama was accompanied with something we were thankful for, and as we know there is a lot of that in a circle like this!

The Skin

I thoroughly enjoy the men of the Forge, the crowd is diverse in age and other aspects.  It’s a great time of fitness and fellowship, and to top it off, there is a bible study that meets at Chick-Fil-A Cameron Village immediately following the workout weekly.  All three F’s are represented here and some great things are happening.  This week we were missing one of the site Q’s due to his adventures in Hawaii.  I enjoy getting on Orwell because he loves to dish it out too, it makes my heart full to have him in the gloom, and in the rest of my life for that matter, especially after seeing the hole God brought him out of.  For the record, I hate running too, but it’s the tough things we need to do the most, that’s where we grow.  As always, thanks for allowing me to lead!


CW Out!