The VSF was planted in the front yard and the PAX entered Dufresne’s home to MDufresne greeting us from upstairs. Homework detail was well underway for Dufresne’s 2.0 Pack Man and the PAX wanted to make sure we were able to visit with Dufresne without making MDufresne’s task any more difficult.  Following introductions, Dufresne flashed a smile for the PAX.  He was heavily sedated, but there were moments where we could tell he was aware of our presence.  There were long pauses in conversation and it was uncomfortable.  We didn’t always know what to say or talk about so we returned to what we knew, what we talked about with Dufresne when we were doing PT.  Let’s just say we covered the waterfront – videos and books for raising kids, sports, movies, and and of course F3.

We circled up for BOM and Orwell closed us out with a strong prayer focusing on peace, protection for Dufresne’s family, understanding, and most of all grace.  As we departed, we gave hugs to MDufresne and greeted Pack Man.  He was dutifully working on homework.  As the PAX convened outside before departing, we all pondered our own homework detail.

To that point, MDufresne posted a request on (below) asking for stories, memories, and appreciations about Dufresne to be shared with him and his 2.0s.  If you have a memory you’d like to share I encourage you to get it done ASAP and email to  YHC suggests you include you F3 and hospital name.

YHC and the PAX will be back this Thursday and Friday at 5:00 pm.  Join us for a visit this week or beyond.

Hopebuilder Sign Up Google Doc

Idea for Jim

Hi Everyone,

I have an idea that I hope you will feel inclined to participate in – I would like to get short stories or memories or appreciations of Jim with as much detail as possible.  I will print these off and/or make a book of them that we can all read to honor Jim.  I would also like the kids to be able to read these memories as they get older and it will help them see their dad in a different light.  This is why the more detail you provide, the better.  If you know someone who doesn’t read caringbridge but who you think would like to contribute, please pass this along.  Drawings, sketches, artwork, etc. are welcome too.  I think really anything that you would like to contribute to honor Jim would be great.  As I get these in, I will read them to Jim as well.  I think that will make him happy.  If you want to type something up you can attach it to an email and send it my way at

Also, I forgot to tell you that I wrote another blog a while back – I usually tell you when I do in case you are not signed up for that notification – if you are interested, go to  Interestingly it’s related to the above as it stemmed from a letter we received in the mail.

Jim had several visitors today – all lovely men and one woman.  🙂   The hospice nurse came by too and we are going to try a few new switches on pain management.

Thank you all for the lovely posts to this site.  They touch me and Jim deeply.  Thanks too for all the prayers and support.  I could not do all of this without all the kindness.