The Thang:
Run about 1.25 miles
SSH x20, Imperial Walker x15, Merkins x10, LBC x10, Good Mornings x10, Plank x20, Squats x20, Musical Squats
Run to the Baseball fields (unchartered territory) for Baseball runs
Each PAX ran infield + outfield laps
2x sprints to the fence
2x sprints to the outfield
Run down the park and back for 100yds walking lunges
Run to NC State parking garage for 2 laps up the stairs
Run to Balboa hill for Jacobs Ladder x3
Run to amphitheatre for 3 minutes of Mary led by Floppy Disk

The Moleskin:
Today was heavy on the running, probably 3+ miles as compared to our usual 2.
The PAX hit it hard for a long series of exercises including Muscial Squats.  This is where we all hold a squat and one person runs around the circle.  When they get back, they resume the squat and the next person runs around the circle.
The Musical Squats were easily forgotten about during the walking lunges.
tclaps to Floppy Disk for leading Mary at the end
tclaps to Big Sproles, Ally McBeal, Slumlord and Hufflepuff for losing weight!
WendelG will be performing with his band on Thursday, go out and enjoy some live music.
For those trying to take pullups to the next level, this is a program I recommend:
A common weakness called out during the workout and the COT is running and pushups.  Consider for fun.