Wednesday Count at Raleigh Fletcher….16


Warm Up
Run all over
40 SSH
20 Mountain Climbers
Arm Circles Forth & Back
10 Merkins (Tango Delta Speed) & Hold
Tennis Courts
Suicide Ladder X 5 (a crowd pleaser) (that’s 4 line pyramid, ascending & descending–rinse, wash, repeat X 5)
Plank to Wait
Jog to Swing Sets
Comic Book Convention (X3)
10 Chain Pull Ups
15 Aquaman/Superman/Silver Surfer (what have you)
Jog Over the River and Through the Woods to Stone Circle

LBCs X 40
Six Inch Hold—COT During Six Inch Hold
Dolly Partons
LBCs X 35
Dog Leg to the Left
Extended Jacobs Ladder (5 trips (1…5 burpees, ascending)
The Moleskin
-T Claps to Hi-Fi for showing up first time and keeping pace.  Good stuff.
-Good stuff to Floppy Disk for back-up cadence calls.  He wins the 1st Annual Nigel Tufnel Award (“Eleven.  Exactly.  One Louder.”).
-The suicide ladder ballooned into the centerpiece of today’s workout.  Waiting Planks, short rest counts.  No joke.
-Thought of Crotch Rocket & his German-engineering Weight Vest on the Dog Legs.
-Clear Eyes.  Full Hearts.  Can’t Lose.