In the wee hours of the morning for the Raleigh PAX- we all showed up outside of the closed gates to Umstead and began our journey.

The PAX:

The Thang:
3.7 mile loop from the gate down Loblolly trail (1.9 miles) and up the massive Reedy Creek Lake hill (.5 miles uphill), and back to the road.

The Moleskin:
Trail running is much slower than road running.  More hills, technical terrain, and beautiful scenery to take in.  Today we did the loop for the first time and had a great turnout.  We all made it back in <50 minutes.  The first mile we all kept the pace well, the second mile we split into 6/2, but had <1 minute wait for all of us to meet at the Reedy Creek road.  After some planking and walking for a minute, we ventured down the hill to the lake where the uphill pain began.  Charles Carter, the seasoned runner, tackled the hill like Tango Delta tackles the Murph, no sweat or lack of oxygen detected.  The rest of us stopped a few times and struggled to get to the top.  Despite the almost 1.5 miles, we had <3 minute spread between the PAX.  More planks at the top of the hill and we jogged back to the gates.

tclaps to Charles Carter for keeping strong and giving Fazio a pace with both CK and Money Hose lagged behind on the big hill.
tclaps to Big Sproles and Howard for pushing hard and completing the run not far behind the front runners.  I expect both of these men to be leading the pack as the summer progresses.
tclaps to Magic Goggles for reminding us all that we have weighted vests on in the form of excess body fat.  I think that is true with the exception of Charles Carter and Howard.