YHC hasn’t had the Q for a while, so it’s only fitting that the backblast go up a week late… No FNGs today and a double dozen PAX is anxious, so enough with the small talk – let’s go.

Jog to track infield
  • SSH
  • Good mornings
  • Hillbillies
  • half windmill
  • Nipplers
  • plank jacks
50 merkins
Partner up – bear crawl in opposite direction – upon meeting – 100 single count LBCs
Crab walk in opposite direction – upon meeting – 25 WW2 sit-ups
Partner 1 – run a lap while Partner 2 does AMRAP exercises then flapjack – squat hold til everyone is back.
  • Monkey humpers
  • Prisoner squats
  • Alternating lunges
  • Merkins
Head over to the picnic tables
  • People’s chair
  • BTW
  • People’s chair
  • BTW
Rock exercises; curls, tricep extensions, bent over rows, rock squat press; quick feet at sandpit; 25 tiny irkins (on the sandpit wall)
repeat-o (except 25 tiny dirkins this time…)
7 septuple merkin burpees
Mary – 1 merkin = 200 total
200 merkin challenge is in full effect – challenge yourself for the rest of the month
F3 workouts are great and life changing for many in achieving fitness goals, but building strength in our faith is the true goal to strive for.
Pinkslip took us out