Warm up

Lap around the lot with some High Knee/Butt Kicker variations

The Thang

Ladder & Cones for ~10 min followed by a victory lap led by Bloodsport while YHC fixed the timer for the next bit of fun.

Modified Tabatas–PAX partnered up and went to a station.  20 seconds work max effort followed by 10 seconds rest for 8 cycles (4 per exercise at each station).  1 Minute break in between stations

  • Jump Rope/Burpees
  • Merkins/Ladder Shuffles
  • Slam Ball/Jump Rope
  • Mountain Climbers/High Knees
  • Flutter Kicks/Butt Kickers

PAX finished strong and went for a little jog for a Bataan Death March modified to 3 Merkins instead of burpees.  Once everyone had a turn as the 6, PAX circled up for Mary.

Mary – 50 Flutter Kicks IC

Announcements: Darby is rucking, Run Ranger Run kick-off on the 27th (Sign up you lazy HIMs), CSAUP to come in March (Fuquay to Apex and back)

COT/BOM – Praises for new jobs and promotions, light at the end of the tunnel on home sales. Prayers for pregnant Ms, family members in the hospital, and unspoken