There was a sense of urgency in the air knowing that another HUGE snow storm was barrelling down on the triangle. Snowmaggedon II. Snowpocalypse II. Snowmasaurus Rex (you can thank M. Doogie for that one). Either way, the 4 of us got to work swiftly to beat the storm.

Warmup: 8 flights of stairs, SSH, arm circles, windmills, good mornings, stretch

Jacobs ladder (or stairs?) – 7 flights, 5 burpees, 7 flights, 4 burpees…. 1 burpee

Weird leg kick maneuver x10 (its hard to explain… it was uncomfortable and didn’t look pretty) – twist into 1 legged merkins x5 – twist back into weird leg kick maneuver x10 – twist back to other 1 legged merkins x5 – rinse and repeat the whole sequence x5 (50 1leg merkins total)

Mini-jacob’s ladders – down to wall and back (100m?), 10 dips, down to pillar (60m) and back, 15 dips, down to another pillary (40m) and back, 20 dips
Another one: 100m, sprint backwards, 10 merkins, 60m, sprint backwards, 10 derkins, 40m, sprint backwards, 10 superderkins

Mary Wave: 10 freddy mercuries, roll, 10 peter parkers, roll x repeato x 5 


– first and foremost… WELCOME BACK TO FLYING J – unreal!
– junior mint – still a beast.