23 PAX came out for a smoking 79 degree, high humidity morning and pushed until they had no more.  At Hi-Fidelity we are on the 7th week of our 8 week series of hills- this is the most popular training segment in all of F3 Raleigh- primarily due to the proximity on the calendar for the BRR.  At 5:30, we departed the comforts of the parking lot and friendly chatter with spirits high looking to do some hard work.

At the bottom of the hill, we did 15 SSH and IW- just to make it feel more like an F3 workout- for the next 52 minutes, we would do suicides up and down Horton hill.  Let me clarify- Horton hill is about 1/2 mile long and about 60ft of gain from top to bottom, the majority of the gain is in the bottom 100 yards.  Each turn around point was a light pole- 10 in total.  In total, it is a 4 mile death march to get to the 10th light pole.  Once at the top, start doing suicides going down the hill, yeah this is truly CSAUP.

Out of 23 PAX at least 15 stopped and walked at some point, it was a draining workout no pun intended.  Within 30 minutes you could see the look of defeat and PAX after PAX would struggle to keep going.  By 40 minutes into this, we were all on autopilot knowing the end is near.

We had a loose stop, some guys stopped around 46 minutes, others made it to 52- the furthest group of PAX made it to the 8th light pole on the way back, clocking 6.7 miles and 900+ ft of gain- I believe everyone made it past the 10th pole, seeing 5+ miles of hill work.

I am honored to have the opportunity to lead such a strong group of men.