15 or 16 for Hi Fidelity. Hills are the theme and that is what we did. MMS is in close proximity of a gaggle of popular hills. I took us to where I believe the toughest terrain exists ITB.


Run up to the top of Horton. Good mornings x 15, Mountain Climbers x 15, runner stretch both legs. Once Huxtable and a couple other stragglers arrived, run up ridge rd, take a left on churchill rd and halt at dixie trail.


the grueling churchill stretch from dixie trail to Chester rd is exactly 1 mile with 150-160ft of elevation gain each way. We ran to chester rd, and back to dixie trail twice, for 4 miles and 625ft of elevation gain. Like huxtable said, that stretch is a solid representation of a BRR leg.

Once we did our two up and backs, mosey up churchill to ridge rd, and back to the launch point.


-Solid work by. That churchill stretch is a beast. Michelob made it look like a picnic. 6.5-7 miles for these PAX with a total of 750ft in elevation gain. Primo location for BRR prep. May need to incorporate that on the reg in july/august. Thanks for letting me Q out here. Enjoying this site for my training.