Yes, YHC recognizes that this post makes Caddyshack references on back-to-back days, but given Pax criticisms of my ability to estimate distances in the dark at 5:30am, it might be appropriate.  But the real fun began at 5:45 with the shovel flag posted and 9 warriors setting off into the gloom.


50 x SSH

Jog to upper field

Mountain Climbers x 30

Good Mornings x 20

Merkins x 30

Star Jumps x 20

Sprint to opposite side of upper field and back x 2



Split the Pax into two groups, with Maize taking Group 1 and Fungo taking Group 2:

Group #1:

Decline Merkins x20, followed by 10x burpees as recovery

Run down the dam hill and grab a rock (modesty not encouraged)

30x Curls, 30x Tricep Press, 30x Goblet Squats

Run up dam hill carrying rock

15x Merkins with one hand on rock, flapjack and then 10x burpees for recovery

Run back down hill

15x Curls, 15x Tricep Press, 15x Goblet Squats (15x Military Press round 2)

Run back up hill carrying rocks

Plank hold circle with 15 count


Group #2:

Proceed to Venice Beach to break into 3 sub-groups to rotate between 2 stations separated by a 100-yard sprint that played more like 150 yards, with one group always playing timekeeper by sprinting between stations.

Station #1: Burpee pull-ups x 5, Prisoner Squats x 15 (repeat rounds AMRAP until relieved)

Station #2: 15 Merkins, 15 alternating reverse lunges x15 (repeat rounds AMRAP until relieved)

Trade Groups and Q’s at halfway point.


Russian Hammers x 30

RBC’s x 30

LBC’s x 30

Chilcutt plank x 5 count around circle



  • Okay, so the sprints between stations at Venice Beach was longer than 100 yards.  #Igetit
  • If you want a Memorial Day Murph t-shirt, order it now
  • The crew participating in the GORUCK Challenge is picking as a team weight 25 lbs. of change to donate to the Green Beret Fund or Wounded Warrior.  All Pax are encouraged to contribute to this great cause so that this can be a gift on the part of F3, in addition to the guys participating.  Please see Fazio or any of the guys doing the GORUCK to donate your change (or large bills that we will have converted to change!).


“It’s not worth an intelligent man’s time to be in the majority. By definition, there are already enough people to do that.”

-G.H. Hardy