Four Five strong overcame the magnetic pull of the snooze button for a little tour around Centennial Campus this morning. Well, four took the tour of Centennial while one took the road less traveled and ventured off elsewhere in search of his already departed brethren.  Fortunately, the Pax met up with their wayward brother in the end for a true #Kumbaya moment.

The Thang (TARP, Munson, Lamp, YHC):

Take off from Oval Drive at approximately 5:46 am and head down Centennial Parkway to the bottom of the hill.

Circle back up Main Campus drive and stop at access road that leads down to the greenway for some hill work:

  • forward sprint up the hill with 5 burpees at the top
  • backwards “sprint” up the hill with 5 burpees at the top
  • forward sprint up the hill with 10 star jumps at the top
  • backwards sprint up the hill with 10 Maize hand release puddle merkins at the top (#CrowdPleaser)

Run up Capability, hang a right on Varsity and mosey up to parking deck complex

Stop at first deck for some ramp sprints:

  • start in low plank hold, sprint to top of ramp, recover jog to next ramp
  • rinse & repeat x 3

Exit first deck and continue up the hill to the next deck for Robert Plants on a true Stairway to Heaven set of steps – repeat x 3

Recover with 10-count decline planks around the horn at the bottom of the stairs

Run back to Oval Drive for final sprint loop down Oval and back to starting point


The Thang – Part Deux (Sunshine Sad Clown Solo):

Arrive at Oval Drive sometime after 5:46 am (relevance noted above)

Venture off towards Hillsborough Street and Main Campus in search of rest of Pax

Scale Bell Tower for better observation point – alas, no luck

Begin to experience some internal discomfort, abort previous mission and look for portal of relief

  • After experiencing a few #Goldilocks moments (this door is locked, this door is also locked), our brother finally found the #BabyBear unlocked door (as he later described as some sort of “clinic”), which fortunately was being ably monitored by a solo coed grabbing a little #RipVanWinkle in the early morn.

Successfully accomplish task at hand, exit clinic facility and return to home base.

COT (all Pax)


  • Awesome to be back at Wolf Run for a return engagement. Been too long. Thanks to Munson for extending the invite.  By the way, it should be duly noted that Munson posted again in inclement weather – good to start facing those demons my friend.  First step to recovery.
  • Great to see my man TARP.  Wish our paths crossed more often, brother.
  • Lamp and YHC showed up sporting similar yellow fluorescent running gear.  Kind of like that awkward Orwell-Wilson happy hour photo a few weeks back but not nearly as cute.  Lamp certainly has the speed edge on YHC, but I believe I wear the #HumanHighlighter garb just a tad better.
  • Disappointed that we missed Sunshine at the launch but sure enjoyed him regaling us with his tales of adventure out in the gloom.  Just disappointed that the log-sawing desk clerk #Tomato at the “clinic” did not awake in time to see our man avail himself of their facilities. Could have been great theater.


  • Looking to fill out a third BRR team, so holler at Yo-Yo or me if you are interested.
  • Prayers continue for Cotton’s cousin, Hushpuppy’s father and other Pax and friends and family dealing with health issues and loss.

As always, an honor and a pleasure.