14 PAX entered the Williams Park gloom on a chilly Monday morning for a Nessman beatdown. YHC was looking at the Q schedules and noticed Crucible had no name assigned for the morning, Wilson confirmed this and Nessman ACCEPTED. No FNGs, let’s do this.

Leisurely jog around the loop to loosen up. Stop at the tennis courts for warm-ups.

SSH x25, Good mornings x15, Imperial Walkers x20, Mountain Climbers x20

Four Corners/Hell in a Cell

Corner 1: Partner up, 1 runs suicides, 2 does people’s chair. Flapjack. Corner 2: Rock curls in cadence x15. Bear crawl across to Corner 3: LBCs x20 IC Corner 4: Bear crawl back to start.

Corner 1: Partner 1-suicides, 2-Balls 2 walls, FJ. Corner 2: Tricep extensions w/ rock IC x15. Backwards run to Corner 3: 10 burpees OYO Corner 4: Crabwalk back to start.

Corner 1: 1-suicides, 2-people’s chair, FJ Corner 2: Bent row w/rock IC x15. Crabwalk to Corner 3: Freddie Mercury’s x30 IC. Corner 4: Lunge walk back to start.

Corner 1: 1-suicides, 2-Balls 2 walls, FJ Corner 2: Shoulder press w/rock IC x15. Lunge walk to Corner 3: 10 burpees OYO. Corner 4: broad jump back to start.

Return the rocks, mosey to picnic tables. Break into two groups. Group 1 runs the loop, Group 2 does sets of Irkins x10, Dips x10, Dirkins x10 in cadence until Group 1 returns. Flapjack.

Mary: LBCs x20, 6 inch leg hold for an 8 count around, Hammers x30.

Good times. Enjoyed seeing some new faces at The Crucible. Strong group this morning. YHC noticed that Overdraft was staying pretty close on the suicides. Impressive. This workout variation is a favorite for YHC at the Crucible because it’s a balanced attack. Pleasure to lead as always.

Announcements and Prayer Requests: BRR sign-ups in full swing-Kiper needs some guys for his team. The Forum meets today at noon, upstairs at the Panera on Strickland and Six Forks. Men’s breakfast at Hayes Barton Methodist Thursday at 7am, founder of Bandwidth is speaking. Contact Swingline if interested.

Kiper requested prayers for family friends who lost their father at 81 to Lou Gehrig’s disease. Also prayers for a 5 year old battling liver disease (believe this was requested by Limberger? Apologies not 100% sure).

Overdraft prayed us out.