Sharkbait called the warmup while YHC struggled to make the 50 yard commute.


The Thang:

Heavy Deck of Death.  Each PAX grabbed a sandbang or concrete block.  Deck of Death dealt out Hearts= Curls, Clubs= Squats, Diamonds= Shoulder Press, and Spades= Lunges.  Pax circled up and there was some serious groaning going on while we worked our way through the deck.  We managed to finish the deck with two jokers (dealers choice).  Moonshine called 20 Hakuna Matatas and CiCi called 10 Chest Presses for their respective Jokers.



We finished the deck, but time had expired so we let mary slide this week.



Taking donations to help out someone at Christmas

Christmas party, check the website.


Prayer Request:

Several were lifted up to the Lord.