Inspired by the recent movie watched “No Country for Old Men” YHC was ready to lay another beat down with a twist. Between each exercise YHC would have a PAX pick heads or tails to determine if Burpees would follow (4 to be exact for the 4-0 series win for the Canes celebrated the night prior).  Dirty Pipes wanted to get EC miles in prior and decided to meet @ 5:30 for 10 miles prior to the 7 AM kick off.  The PAX came in hot, on time and ready to roll and we got off 7 AM sharp without penalty Burpees.

The Thang: Warm up with SSH, Squats, Fazzio arm circles, Cotton Pickers each 20x In Cadence

Flip Coin (no burpees 0/1)

DORA 1-2-3 (Partner 100 Merkins, 200 SSH, 300 LBCS) with 50 yard run to fence and back. Plank-a-rama led by Bloodsport for the six.

PAIN TRAIN!!! Train pulled through so we got 5 Burpees in during DORA!

Flip Coin (no burpees 0/2)

Bear Crawl and Crab walk race 40ft

Flip Coin (no burpees 0/3)

Bear Crawl and Crab walk race 40ft

Flip Coin (no burpees 0/4)

Mosey to path for 3/4 mile Catch me if you can (Partner) with 5 squats.  Al Gore for the six.

Flip Coin (no burpees 0/5)

5 Rounds of Modified Cindy (5 pull ups, mosey to fence 10 Merkins, 15 squats) as fast as you can. People’s Chair for the six.

Flip Coin (no burpees 0/6)

CANES: Captain Morgan’s, American Hammer, Not so lazy Boy’s, E2K, Supermans each 15-20 In Cadence.

Pick 1 or 2 because YHC lost the Quarter out of his pocket(no burpees 0/7)

Sevens: Pull ups and Box Jumps

Pick 1 or 2  (no burpees 0/8)

Catch me if you can Round 2 with 4 walking lunges for the 3/4 mile path.  Al Gore for the Six.

Pick 1 or 2 (no burpees 0/9)

Finish up with PAX Mary of exercise of choice

Off grid: 15 WWI’s In Cadence, PB 50 Mountain Climbers ( In Cadence), Bio D WW2’s 15 In candence, Newton 20 squats on his down.

COT/BOM: Praise Off Grid and M are expecting a kid, Pray for Bio D and others in surgery or medical concerns, Prayer for Stretch’s Dad now out of the Hospital due to Anemia. Prayers for Chelsea and continued guidance from the doctor.

Moleskin: I was so pumped with the Heads or Tails idea….but it back fired.  Not once did we get Burpees as the PAX should have bought lottery tickets with perfect picks throughout the workout on the coin flip and number picks.  Guys pushed hard today and it was great to have guys out there from the Benson/Erwin areas.  We had a couple that had to leave early for church and family events but was glad they were able to come for most of the beat down.  Make an effort the night before to set your clock, set out the gear, make a decision. The PAX is here to support each other and no man will be left behind. Great work by everybody.  Keep in touch with PAX that you haven’t seen in a while.  Let them know about the new workouts and opportunities we have. See you in the gloom.

Stretch out.