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About Haven House

Most everyone knows the value Haven House Services provides to the community; Haven House is the place where youth who need help find it. Whether they are experiencing homelessness, a crisis at home or school, gang involvement, or problems involving the juvenile justice system, we help youth identify a path toward success and accompany them every step of the way on their journey.

Our Goal

As a partner to Haven House, F3 Raleigh’s goal this year is to have as many PAX participate as possible, thus the #IPFAYHH campaign! For every $50 donated, PAX will get one entry into a special prize drawing.

We encourage all PAX in Raleigh, CarpEx, SouthWake, NE Wake, Joco, and Churham to:

  1. Donate $50 (or more!) to Haven House Services’ 2019 campaign
  2. Tweet about it using hashtag #IPFAYHH to help build excitement


Beach Weekend

Burt has offered a weekend at his beach house in Ocean Isle for a raffle.     Donations can be made to the F3 Raleigh team, or an F3 Raleigh team member. 

Peter Millar Gear

In addition, Kool Aid is donating some awesome Peter Millar garments for raffle, which will be drawn from the same pool.

Coming Soon

Look for details around a CSAUP event being planned by Keilor; and last but not least, a possible F3 Raleigh/CarpEx PAX boxing invitational held at Haven House Second Round