YHC rolled up to the General Assembly AO at our NC State Capitol. I was planning on leading the PAX around the Capitol block and surrounding lawn. Given that we would be running around with tires and sledge hammers, I quickly realized this would not be a good idea. There were no less than 4 police cars and 10 officers surrounding the Capitol and the grounds this morning.  No doubt preparing for protesters and protecting the three Confederate statues that have been stationed around the grounds of the Capitol for more than 100 years. No question 14 PAX running around with sledge hammers could create a serious incident.  Time for an audible.

Jog around block

Pass Out Hammer and Tires

Warm Up
SSH x 20
Good Mornings x 15
Windmills x 15
Imperial Walkers x 20
Swiss Merkins x 16

The Thang

Grab Coupons

Started across Edenton Street. Saw cops and police cars. Audible. Mosey down mall to Jones Street

Jones Street Set
Barbarian Squat x 20
Grave Diggers Right x 20
Twisted Sword Draw low right high left x 20
Joust Right x 20

Mosey up mall to Edenton Street

Edenton Street Set
Barbarian Squat x 20
Grave Diggers Left x 20
Twisted Sword Draw low Left high right x 20
Joust Left x 20

Mosey to Edenton Wilmington Street corner

Edenton/Wilmington Corner Set
Tire Slams x 20 Right
Tire Slams x 20 Left
Tire Curls x 20
Tire Press x 20
Tire Burpee Press x 10

Mosey to Jones Wilmington Street corner

Jones Wilmington Street Set
Tire roll x 20
Thrusters x 20

Mosey to Jones Street Mall

Jones Street Mall Set
Tire Squat Press x 20
Tire Curls x 20
Partner Up
Partner 1 – ran around NC Museum of History
Partner 2 – Flies and presses with both hammers

Mosey back to start

Dips on wall x 20
Derkins on wall x 20

LBC x 30
6 inch hold – 10 count around circle
Have a Nice Day


Strava Link – Where We Went

Frey Daddy graduation at Healing Transitions tonight at 6pm. Way to go Frey! F3 is proud of you!
Neighbor 2 Neighbor Breakfast Fundraiser – Thursday September 21 7:00 to 8:30am at the North Raleigh Hilton
Yoda is the Executive Director. They are doing great things. Let’s get a big F3 crowd there! Reach out to me if you’re interested in going.

Neighbor2Neighbor Event Info

My father Charlie has a recurrence of prostate cancer. He will be starting radiation next week.

No Sugar took us out with a great prayer.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead and serve. Aye!


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