On what appears to be one of the last days of fall, 14 brave PAX rose to the Twitter challenge and owned another episode of Flood Zone. Noticeably absent were Costco and Deliverance – after partaking in some Twitter pre-game decided to take their girl parts elsewhere…

EC: Bear crawl up long ramp at entrance; run over to parking lot in front of Flemings – shuttle run – 1st light pole 5 burpees; 2nd light pole 10 star jumps; 3rd light pole 15 merkins – plank until everyone is done. Over to stairs between Flemings and McCormick – bear crawl down the steps. Repeato the set and run back to pick-up rest of PAX.

The rest of that Thang:

Warm-up – SSH X 10; Good Morning X 10; hope you stretched before the workout because we don’t have time for no more stinking warm-up

Run over to McDonalds – Merkins in cadence X 10; cross street up to Solis apartment complex; gather at bottom of hill.

Partner up – size matters (ask Epoxy) – 7’s up hill as follows: partner carry 1/2 way up hill – 6 merkins; switch partner carry up second 1/2 of hillĀ – 6 burpees; run back down hill – 1 squat; repeat through the cycle and plank at top of hill

Run across the field at the top of the apartment complex to the edge of very large hill – additional disclaimer given as Q, nor PAX, had ventured down new said hill and it was very large (that’s what she said), steep and limited visibility.

At the top of our new found friend PAX: bear crawl down hill and plank; run up hill and plank; merkins in cadence X 10; run down hill; bear crawl up hill and plank; merkins in cadence X 10.

Run back to long entrance ramp – find your partner – wheelbarrow up ramp switching partners 1/2 way; plank at top; merkins in cadence X 10.

Run back to starting point and circle up for Mary: LBC in cadence X 25; Chil-cut around the circle – 5 count a piece.

COT: prayers for Duff niece and Ron Mexico’s wife’s grandfather. Tclaps as the 40+ crowd out numbered the under 40 crowd and made it through a long morning.