Lap around the ‘peanut loop’
Circle up

THE THANG: Gone in 60 seconds

Jog over to the soccer field
Center field circle up
Perform each move for 60 secs AMRAP OYO. Move directly into the next exercise, no rest…

1. Merkins
2. Jump Squats
3. Flutter Kicks
4. Mountain Climbers
5. Jump Lunges
6. WWIIs
7. Carolina Dry Docks
8. Tuck Jumps
9. Foot 2 Foot Crunch
10. Burpees

18 yard sprints

1. Starting at goal line, sprint as fast as you can to 18 yard line
2. Once you reach the sideline, shift into a lateral lunge as you change directions, tapping the ground with your leading hand
3. Carry momentum forward as you rotate into your next sprint.
4. Repeato 60 secs

Stabilization Merkins

1. Move into plank position, lower into Merkin position
2. As you return to plank shift your weight to the outside of your left foot, hold the extended left arm high plank
3. Return to plank position, complete another Merkin
4. Weight to outside of right foot, hold the extended right arm high plank
5. Repeato 60 secs

Lateral Tuck Jumps (I forgot to do these)

1. Stand to one side of the goal line
2. Tuck Jumps shifting laterally in the air to the other side of the line
3. Repeato 60 secs

Leg Raise and Toe Touch

1. Lie on back with legs stretched out and arms by side
2. Reach the right arm up while simultaneously lifting the left leg, touch your toe
3. Reach the left armp up while simultaneously lifting the right leg, touch your toe
4. Repeato for 60 secs

Lineup on goal line, for full-field and back non-stop movement
60 secs of Bear crawl
60 secs of travelling Burpees
60 secs of travelling Merkins (180 deg flip at 30 secs to work both sides)

60 secs to sprint down to the PAINground (we made it in 50 secs)

Partner Alpha AMRAP pullups, as soon as he hits a wall, Partner Beta assists him with AMRAP, if he hits another wall, hang from the bar until the 60 secs is up
Partner Alpha and Beta switch roles/positions
That’s 60 seconds on the bar for each partner, nice work.

Grab a Big Ass Rock from the rockpile for 60 secs Time Bombs (rock never goes below your chest)
Clockwise with each PAX completing 2x overhead presses before the next PAX begins


60 secs of flutter kicks



Announcements: Bull City Race ½ marathon is 10/16/2016. Floyd signed up and created and F3 social group. Link to the race:

Prayer Requests: Sweats 2.0 has Croup, and baby on the way any day. Chef Tell’s wife for a successful planned delivery today.

Another Thursday on the books – enjoyed it men!