YHC Q’d The Arena for the first time on Saturday but it was not the first time to The Arena. I relate this adventure to the anticipation of a fishing trip. You toss and turn all night anticipating the next days adventure only to almost over sleep. Back in the day the only way to get me to wake before the sun would be to go fishing or hunting. Well, Saturday we went fishing for men and like most of my fishing adventures we came up empty handed but strengthened bonds of friendship amongst the Arena PAX which in the end keeps me coming back for more pain.

The Thing;

FIve Pax steamed across the fields of Dorothea Dix dodging mud puddles and enjoying the company of the PAX. Upon arrival at the Healing Place we did a quick drag of the grounds with no luck so we circled up on the volleyball court and did a little warm-up.

20 SSH

15 Good Mornings

20 Mt. Climbers

18 Wind Mills

Since we did not catch anybody on our first pass we decided to set-up for ten rounds on the road in front of the Healing Place.

First Round- 10 merkins at 5 intervals down and back.

Second Round – 10 prisoner squats down and back.

Third Round – 10 wide grip Merkins’ down and back

Fourth Round -10 LBC down and back.

Fifth Round – 10 Burpees down and back

Early knockout by time we jogged over to the Healing Place for a little Mary.

20 Freddy Mercs

20 WWII Sit-ups

20 American Hammers


Prayers for Ventura’s Sister. Prayers for all who have 2.0’s getting ready for school. PAX who have parents dealing with Alzheimer.

Thanks to Duff for reaching out and asking me to Q. So we keep on fishing knowing one day we will be rewarded for our work.