YHC is still on the quest for 5 Qs in 5 days and this am I was welcomed by my good friend Boots & Pants.  With the other South Wake Brothers choosing to Fart Sack or on the shelf with injuries B&P set off on a work out that would quite literally stop our hearts for a brief second…

The Thang

Warm Up- 2 laps around the park, SSH X30, IWs X30, Fazio Arm Circles X 20 each side, Good Mornings X20, Windmills X20.

Jog down to the lower fields- Left Right Step Ups X50, Durkins X20, LRSUs X40, Durkins X15, LRSUs X30, Durkins X10

Quick Feet X50 but we stopped at 40 due to a door on the utility building opening.  This is where our hearts skipped a beat.  After doing 20 Irkins we decided to head back up to the courts.

Mary- Long Mary!!- WWIIs X50, Reverse LBCs X50, 40, 30, 20, 10, Windmills X20, Low Slow Flutter X 20- rinse and repeat.  Protractor for 3 mins(this really sucked!!).

COT- Prayers for Yosef and Howard and his injuries as well as prayers for all our bros traveling this week.

Always a pleasure to lead!!  Boots & Pants you’re killing it!!  Keep up the great work!

See You in the Gloom!