March 18th is usually known as the day to nurse a St. Patty’s day hangover, but 14 PAX in the concrete confines of Crabtree Valley Mall had other ideas.  An FNG was identified at the onset — disclaimer was made clear, and the group set off to work out the previous night’s Shepherd’s Pie and frothy brew.


Warm Up

Brisk mosey over to the Crabtree Tavern parking lot


5 burpees OYO

Good morning X10

5 burpees OYO

Windmill X10

5 burpees OYO

Nipplers X20

5 burpees OYO


That Thang

Grab a rock, line up at the end of the Crabtree Tavern parking lot  (exercises in cadence)

Curls X10  >  sprint to other end of lot and back

Press X10  > sprint

Tricep extension X10  > sprint

“Rock burpee” (hands on rock for lower half, press for upper half) X10  >  sprint

Curls for girls X20  >  sprint


Brisk mosey over to The Ramp (from the road up towards Belk)… bear crawl halfway, crab walk the rest of the way

Weave through Fleming’s parking deck to pain stations:

Back pedal (watch for speedbumps!) down left side > skiabs X12

Karaoke down next row > Sumo squat jumps X10

Lunge walk then sprint next row > Hand release merkins X12

Broad jump then sprint final row > Burpees X10

Brisk mosey back into the depths of parking deck to the main central stairwell (creek side)


Partner up for “Modified Zipper”

P1 — bear crawls down flight of stairs, runs to middle of deck for 5 burpees, bear crawls down opposite flight … Repeato until 5 burpees are completed at ground level… run back up original flight of stairs

P2 — AMRAP LBCs and Merkins … with prisoner squats sprinkled in


Plank-o-rama after both partners finished


Mary = ‘Merican Hammers X30




Hayes Barton UMC Men’s Prayer Breakfast (open to all outside of congregation) — 4/2 @ 7am…. Founder & CEO of Bandwidth, David Morken, will be speaking about integrating Faith into his corporate leadership and cutlure.  Breakfast & coffee provided.  Email Swingline directly if you plan to attend —

Mud Run — 4/11

F3 Flag Football tourney benefiting Neighbor to Neighbor — 4/18… MacGruber & Zima (?) are the event Qs

F3 Dads event — 4/25, 9:15am at Fletcher Park


Prayer Requests

M. Tony Robbins’ grandmother who is in her final days of life…prayers for their entire family

Continued prayers for Encroachment’s next-door neighbors whose house was destroyed by fire… Encroachment shared that Wes Minton (realtor) has put up the family in a house that was originally a property to be sold… Praise for the incredible generosity!!

Mr. Furley took us out in prayer


Naked Moleskin

Strong work by all this morning, especially powering through the modified Zipper.  We welcomed FNG Twinkie, Duncan Gibson, who several of us know and were glad to see out in the gloom for the first time.  As High Life mentioned in COT, we all have a lot to be thankful for in our lives, and we should always remember that.  The presence of F3 — the opportunity to strengthen ourselves mentally/physically/spiritually, the fellowship it cultivates, the leaders it builds — is among those things I know we are all thankful for.  It is a blast, and a blessing, to be a part of it all, and it is always a privilege to lead.