A Pax of 25 greeted YHC on a beautiful morning for a workout.  In my humble opinion, 35 degrees is just about optimal for an F3 workout.  We had two FNGs join us.  One fella works for the YMCA and coordinates summer camps – hence his name is now Meatballs.  The second FNG works for the Department of Revenue. The possibilities here were endless and the Pax settled on Loophole.  But we didn’t just name some FNGs, we did a workout and here’s how it went:

50 single count Merkins
Side Shuffle Hop x 30
Fazio Arm Circles x 17 each direction (why 17? b/c I meant to stop at 15 but forgot to)
Mountain Climbers x 30

Count off 1’s and 2’s – Indian Run around Lourdes campus gathering back at bottom of nicely lit staircase.
Partner up for stairbarrows x 2 with 10 count merkins in stairbarrow position at top of stairs

Head to parking lot in center of Lourdes campus
One partner head to far end of parking lot – about 80 yards away or so
Partners bear crawl until you meet in middle then 10 merkins each
(note that Crotch Rocket was partnered with the Captain – therefore, he had to only bear crawl about 20 feet)
Crab walk until you meet in middle then 10 merkins each
Gorilla until you meet in middle then 10 merkins each

All Pax gather at end of parking lot.  Using some lamp posts along edge of parking lot as turnaround spots, we then did a series of suicides with exercises at each turnaround
First Series – Burpee suicides 15-10-5
Second Series – Merkin suicides 30-20-10
Third Series – LBC suicides 40-30-20
Just to keep the blood flowing, the Pax planked at the end of each series and capped off the plank session with 10 single count merkins
To close out our time at the parking lot – bear crawl to first lamp post, crab walk to second lamp post, gorilla to end of lot

Head to new parking deck for Mary
American Hammer x 40
At the guidance of Box Jump – Guantanamo’s around the Pax COT
Last but not least – 50 single count merkins

Announcements – Crotch Rocket (CLT) shared great news about expansion in Atlanta coming up on Saturday April 11.  The launch will be at three locations so if you know men in Atlanta, help them to find F3.

Prayer Requests – LoPair in Chapel Hill.  Fellow Pax recovering from injuries.  Elsinore’s friend struggling with cancer.

Crotch Rocket was volunteered to take us out which he did with grace and dignity.  Thanks for stepping up.

I really enjoyed this Q today and am grateful for the Pax that posted.  Thanks brothers. LD