It was great to be back out in the gloom this morning. No running today at Cletus but pain from some of my little friends. There was a bright full moon shining and FIA was taking care of business already. 0545, no FNG’s, we were off (with our quiet voices). YHC took the PAX for a stroll down to the field next to the creek to get things started.

Warm Ups
SSH x20
Squat hold moroccan night clubs x30
Plank jacks x20
Merkins x22

Rock Pile to Field
Medium rock – field slides with rock out front, burpee countdown 10-1. Always facing baseball field, slides to other side for 10 burpees, slides back for 9 burpess, etc. down to 1 for a total of 55 burpees.
AMRAP WWII’s with rock when done

Switch out for two small rocks you can hold in each hand.
Lap around big track with rock curls while jogging to next station.
1.Partner up at Bars – bar push-ups and partner leg shrugs at same time. 3 rounds total x10. 1 man does push ups on bar while partner holds his legs and does shrugs.
2.Flag poles – Overhead rock squats x20 and Frankensteins x20 IC, x15 IC, x10 IC, 3 rounds total
3.Hill – Bear crawl with rocks up hill, 10 hallelujahs at top with rocks, crawl bear down 9 hallelujahs at bottom, etc. until 1 rep at bottom, AMRAP LBC’s until PAX completes
4.Parking lot – Tricep kickbacks, head on wood rails x10, rock flys x10 IC. 3 rounds total

Tennis courts for Mary
American Hammers x20
In-and-Outs x20
Pretzels x20 (left elbow to right knee, then switch)
Homer to Marge x30
Pickle Pounders x20 IC
Plank hold 10 sec count around the horn

“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks;
for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”
‭‭I Thessalonians‬ ‭5:16-18‬ ‭

Announcements – T-shirt order ends today, U-turn and Stench (running) tomorrow
Prayers – Unspoken

Nice work men! Glad to be back out leading the PAX again. BTW, this was difficult typing due to the soreness in my hands from gripping those rocks the whole time.

BS Out