25, including 2 FNGs, made it to Pullen Park this morning.  First things first, my microphone tweaked on a name so if you do not see yours below either sound off or just know you busted your ass this morning.

Start on time for a quick warmup.  World’s Greatest Stretch with slow count, single merkin and slow count single squat. 15x bunny hops, 20x SSH, 20x MC and then off to the trunk. Pair off in groups of 3 and grab a funbag.

The Thang:

1 rule – the FB never hits the ground, unless YHC gives the all clear.

Move to the stone circle just inside the gate. 2 teammates go in opposite directions to a nearby wall for 10 boxjumps, while the last stays put for 10 squats with the FB.  switch until the three stations are done.  1 bag dropped so 20 burpees is the punishment.  next set is 30 merkins.  10 with the FB loaded on the upper back and 20 regular.  Another FB hits the group, therefore 20 star jumps.

Move to the grass…circle up for three sets of LBCs.  10 with the FB raised above head, 20 without.  YHC calls for the bags to drop for long round of the protractor.  20x flutter kicks.  Peach Pit led the group over to the steps beside the carousel.  1 man stays behind with the FB for 10x chest press and 10x arm curl amrap…two teammates stairbarrow to the top.  switch until everyone has a turn.

move to the bowl.  one stays at the top next to the picnic tables with FB, one moves to the bottom concrete and one up to the tennis courts.  transition FB between teammates between points while those waiting commit to burpees. next exercise round escapes me, but it was a battle.  Another bag drops so 20x flutter kicks.

run back to grass circle.  a group this size makes Guantanamo a perfect exercise.  everyone made it through strong.  close out with last round of 20x flutter kicks.

circle up for announcements and prayer requests.  call out for neighbor to neighbor and Haven House.  Deepest prayers to Franzia’s fraternity brother that has passed on.  A call to action for men to recognize each other, be there in times of need and open up when something weighs on you.

Peach Pit closes the morning with a strong prayer.

Thank you for letting me lead this morning men.  It was a good battle…Welcome Muni Bond and Gerard.