7 PAX braved the ‘frigid’ 48 degree temps to lift some heavy stuff in the circle of pain and get some laps in.


Run perimeter of big field and circle back to parking lot near shovel flag. Circle up.
SSH x 20
Windmill x 10
Willy Mays-Hayes x 10
IW x 20
Slow Merkins x 10

The Thang:

Grab 4 coupons & form circle of pain (45# ruck, 25# ruck, 25# dumbell, 40# sandbag)
1 minute of reps for the 4 PAX in the circle (OK, maybe a square)
3 odd men fast jog around parking lot
Rotate each minute. 4 full rounds completed.
45# ruck: thrusters for 2 rounds, upright rows for 2 rounds
40# sandbag: one-arm bent rows 2 rounds, OH press 2 rounds
25# dumbell: tricep ext 2 rounds, lunges 2 rounds
25# ruck: one-arm curls 2 rounds, kettle bell swings 2 rounds


50 x 4-ct flutter kicks (lots of moaning after about 31)
1 minute bows and toes plank
Out of time


Announcements: F3 Raleigh pick picking on Sat Oct 22nd, Spartan Race Oct 29

BOM: Floppy took us out. Prayers for Chimi’s son to make a speedy recovery and for all those affected by hurricane Matthew.