A PAX of 19 gathered at FOD this morning to enjoy some beautiful weather and a Virgin Q by Moline. We had 18 regulars and 1 FNG. As YHC is moving to Ottumwa, Iowa Friday, there has been a lot of pressure to make sure I got a Q completed before moving. Since it was my first, last, and best Q, I checked the time, realized my watch malfunction and quickly ditched it next to the parking lot. Using a cheap watch and being late for work meetings is maybe acceptable, but not with the group at FOD. I realized we didn’t have 4 minutes for mumble chatter so we were off.

First a jog to upper parking lot for warm-ups:
SSH – 15 IC
Good mornings – 10 IC
Sir fazio arm circles – 10 forward, 10 backwards – IC
The mumble chatter started quickly admiring YHC de-emphasis of “2” in the count. Nothing against #2, maybe I just prefer odd numbers? Who knows. It was the warm up.

The Thang:
YHC instructed the PAX to partner up and:
Partner 1 10 merkins; partner 2 jogs until partner 1 catches them and alternates. 1 lap around parking lot. Squat hold. Then,
Partner 1 does 10 merkins while partner 2 lunge walks, squat hold at the top of the circle. Beaker and Chef Tel really can do the lunge walks.. I think we have serious chance for a Gold medal at the Summer Olympics. Can it be a sport?

Then we head to the turf fields. There was some chatter about introducing Ollie to the turf. Franklin and Shut In started a little pushing which ended with an encounter with the speed limit sign. I’m not sure what happened exactly, but I’m confident it will get an explanation in the comment sections later. The PAX lined up along the side white line, then:
Bear crawl to middle, jog back
Crab walk to middle, jog back
Squat hold

Partner up for some Dora 1, 2, 3:
100 LBC
200 prisoner squats
300 side straddle hops
Partner jogs across field and back.

Plank hold when done. Katniss took over briefly calling out alternating arm and leg raises in plank position for a 10 count. YHC was not about to relinquish the Q, but appreciated the assistance while finishing my SSH portion.

Airbag requested merkins so 1 partner does merkins, while other partner jogs to end and back x 2. 10 count to get the PAX back in-line and catch a breath.
Next some Peoples Chair against the fence for a 10 count down the line. 19 people, so some variation in the count. A few channeled their inner Burt to call for a normal 10 count. That only made it worse.

Mosey to the rock pile for non-travel rock work. Circle up for:
10 rock extensions OoO alternating with 10 rock press OoO. Some confusion as YHC called rock press, but did rock extensions. Alternating exercises so no one missed out.
Drop rock and move 2 rocks to the left. Then rock curls OoO.
Move two rocks to the left.
17 rock rows called by Franklin OoO
Move two rocks to the left.
Rock merkins – 10 left hand and 10 right hand OoO

Return rocks and mosey to basketball court for some Mary.
10 WW2 sit ups OoO
10 box cutters IC
10 Hello Dolly IC

The count got thrown off when YHC asked Airbag to start when looking directly at Recall. Airbag started. Recall did too. It got confusing. We finished with 19, so we didn’t lose anyone. Earhardt introduced himself with the wrong name. It got more confusing.
Welcome FNG, now Aggie, to F3. Did a terrific job with first F3 workout.

Term Paper, Fanklin, and Moline went to South Wake location in Fuquay on Monday and they asked to spread the word about “The Crawl” on May 21st form 4-8pm. A few pubs and ruck in-between is planned. They promised it would really suck. They have details posted on F3 site here too at this link. Saturday May 21st – South Wake “The Crawl” from 4-8pm.

Prayer requests
For Moline, for a smooth move and transition for family to Iowa.
Callahan and Beaker took us out in prayer.

As this was my virgin Q, I think it went pretty well. I would have been disappointed if no one complained and the PAX did not let me down.
My F3 experience started at FOD 8 months ago and I am grateful for the experience and relationships developed.
It was my pleasure to lead today. Hopefully I can make the F3 Leap to Iowa at some point in the future.