10 PAX gathered in the gloom to better themselves and to pay tribute to the artist posthumously known as Prince.  Per usual, YHC spent more time on the playlist than the actual workout but it all came together as it somehow does.  Apologies, that you most likely won’t be able to stream this playlist, perhaps we’ll see Prince’s catalog available for streaming sooner rather than later.  Now for the workout:


Circle Up In Parking Lot

  • SSH X 20
  • Imperial Walkers X 15
  • Good Mornings X 15
  • Mountain Climbers X 15
  • Sir Fazio Arm Circles X 10 reverse X 10

Workout (aka Roll Your Own)

Mosey over to tennis courts and circle up

Participants approach the center of circle and roll the die:

If a 1,2,3 or 4 is rolled: Multiply by 7, choose an exercise out of grandma’s hat, and the group completes that number of reps of the selected exercise.

Roll a 5:  5 burpees OYO

Roll a 6:  YHC choice (60 seconds of planking, 60 seconds of 6in leg hold, 60 seconds of balls to the wall, 6 half court suicides)

Exercises included:

Standard Merkin Prisoner Squat
Diamond Merkin Alternating Lunge
Wide-Grip Merkin Star Jump
Carolina Dry Dock Freddy Mercury
Spiderman Merkin Flutter Kick
Hand-Release Merkin Dying Cockroach
Sumo Squat LBC
Standard Squat American Hammer

Naked Moleskin


Flag Football at Halifax Court on Sat. (details on website)

Launches in Fayetteville and Wilson are underway, see Chong Li for details.  White Shoe is heading up Fayetteville this weekend.

Prayer Requests

No spoken ones, so Azul took us out.  Always a pleasure.