On the last Monday in September in 2014, YHC was privileged to be an FNG at an A-Team workout. Today, YHC took the opportunity of his anniversary to repeat his inaugural F3 workout, this time as the Q, just as I did on the last Monday in September 2015. Following the first time I participated in this workout (under the leadership of Denali), I couldn’t raise my arms above my head for 3 days and couldn’t walk properly for 6 days. However, on the 7th day, I repeated my attendance at A-Team and have been coming ever since. I can truly say F3 has changed my life. Thanks to all of you.
The following is Today’s workout – virtually identical to the past two years.
27 PAX (19 PAX and 1 dog in 2015, 7 PAX in 2014) members shook off the weekend with an early morning work-out at Apex Community Park. Let’s see what they did:
– Mosey around the island (2x)
– Circle up for warm-up (SSH, Good Morning, Mountain Climber, Peter Parker, Low Plank Hold)
– Mosey to the pavilion (Dips, LR Step-ups, Incline Merkin, Star-jumps – 15 times each) x2
– Mosey to the tennis courts (11s – Merkins/Star-Jumps)
– Mary (Do it in the middle of the work-out – Confusion) – LBC, Low Slow Flutter, and Dying Cockroach
– 11s (Prisoner Squats/LBCs)
– Mosey to the rock pile. Grab a rock. (Curls, Overhead press, and Triceps extensions – 15 each) – As an added twist for this year – the Pax took turns during two sets of curls running to the stop sign and back – initially – 3 PAX ran, followed by the other 24.
– As with the 2014 version, we ended the workout with an Indian Run – 2x around the loop followed by 25 WW 2 situps – just because
COT – Announcements – surprisingly quiet today
Prayer Requests – Hot Spots friend (Norman?), Cheese’s friends mother (Sybil), Saban’s daughter Molly, Job Searches and Charlotte
YHC took us out in prayer.

Naked Moleskin:
 The 2014 version of this backblast referred to 5 of 7 PAX as one time accountants with a shout out to #needmorepaxmembersforATeam. Thankfully – of the 19 in 2015 and the 27 in 2016– probably less than 5 were former accountants. We clearly have accomplished the objective of adding to the Pax.
 The 2014 version involved the University of Kentucky winning an SEC football game the weekend before -hard to believe that one has now happened three years in a row – but it has
 MacGruber, SurCharge, and Small Mouth (whoever you are) – missed you the 2nd and 3rd time around – glad that Denali and Grease Monkey were there to represent both years and Nabisco for year 1 and year 3
 Burt, MaBell, Term Paper, Large Mouth, Compound W, Bartman, Billy – this was the second Franklinaverary for each of you.
 Hardees, Wham, Goose, Katniss, Brisket, McCants, Coney, Banjo and 75% were at the 2015 event – missed you all this time around.
Thank you. It is my pleasure to lead and to know each of you.