The rain broke just in time for the 10th installment of Phoenix.  YHC knew the rain would lead to some Saturday fartsacking, but glad for the ones that made it out.  5 PAX, no FNGs (thus no burpees for Calli) and we were off.  Since it is late, I am going to try to channel my inner-McCants on this BB.

Warm-Up – run, 20 plank jacks, 15 GM, 20 SSH, 15 cotton-pickers, 20 Mtn Climbers, 20 merkins.

The Thang – Grab a rock. 20 rock curls, run with rock, 20 rock-squat-jumps, run with rock, 20 rock press, leave rock, run, 20 jump lunge, run to rock, 20 rock rows, leave rock, run, 20 LBC, run to rock, rock raises, run w/ rock, 20 rock hammers, run w/ rock, rock curls, return rock.

To the road behind community center – 20 merkins, BTTW, 20 hand-release merkins *** YHC notes – arms hurting, worse than anticipated, peoples chair, 20 star jumps, 20 Aussie Mtn Climbers, 20 monkey-humpers, peoples chair.

Bear crawl down parking lot, lunge walk down hill to kiosk.

At kiosk, 1 PAX calls an exercise that the other PAX do AMRAP while said PAX run to the top of the hill and back.  2 rounds for each PAX, 2nd round is a backwards run up the hill.  Exercises called were jump squats, hammers, LBC, Freddy-Mercs, CDDs, star jumps, homer-2-marge, and some others.

To the amphitheater for 20 dips, 20 ALRSU, 20 irkins, 15 dips.
Backwards run up hill, broad jump in parking lot, back to Burt Center.
Mary – LCB, rosey-to-hello-dolly, low-slow-flutter, slow merkins.

COT – 1 RESPECT, 1 HATE, 3 others.
Announcements – Calli mentioned something held on someday at some time, I think he will tweet about it.
Prayers – Shut-In’s M and her family over the tragic loss of her aunt, Ma Bell has a former coworker with lunge cancer and is likely in his last days, safe return for Chinese Downhill’s pastor from India.

Great work, thanks for allowing me to lead.

– Great fellowship this morning with this smaller group.
– YHC told Callahan about Partnerkins being included on the website…I am pretty sure this news carried him through the entire workout and likely the entire weekend.
– I am pretty sure he tweeted about it before leaving the parking lot.
– And probably took M Callahan out to dinner that night to celebrate.
– Sorry McCants, I have failed in BB brevity.